Highlights from Planet Network Management for Week 12.

  • Data mining with Intellipool Network Monitor – an exploration of toplists in Intellipool Network Monitor
  • Google maps anyone? – a user contributed script for integrating Solarwinds Orion nodes onto a Google Map
  • Network monitoring evaluation – Top avoidable mistakes – highlights some of the common mistakes sys admins do when evaluating and selecting a network monitoring solution
  • Photos from a day in the life at Opscode HQ – pictures taken at the recent Opscode event
  • Introducing WhatsUp Gold v14.2! – a new version of What’s Up Gold has been released
  • Open Data and Open Source – Open source code vs closed source used to be the struggle, now it’s open vs closed data
  • RRDtool 1.4.3 – bug fixes and some rrdcached improvements – a new release of RRDTool is now available

CTO at OPENXTRA, which means that I get to play with websites and write software all day. Well, somebody has to do it... ;)