ANN: New blog theme...

Hope you like the new theme! We were bored with the bog standard Wordpress theme so we thought we’d custom build our own. The theme, and the blog for that matter, are intended to be a bit folksy and characterful whilst at the same time giving a nice I.T. feel to the place. Please let us know if we’ve succeeded. 😄 The theme isn’t completely finished, we’re short of a decent photo for the about us page.

ANN: Introducing "The Tech Teapot"

Some of you may have noticed a name change. This blog is now called The Tech Teapot. Why? Well, we are pretty obsessed with tea 😄 We make nice steaming pots of tea at least three times a day. Great for team building! Our current brew is Waitrose Kenya large leaf tea. Loose leaf tea of course, no nasty tea bags here!