Network Monitoring

Where does a failure manifest itself first

Jack Hughes
A network monitoring tool periodically makes a request to a system end point and records the result in a database of some kind. Whether the polling interval is every few seconds, one minute or ten minutes or longer there is an awful lot of time when the network monitor has nothing meaningful to say about the state of the end point. The network monitor is unlikely to be the first system to spot a problem.

Distributed network monitoring interview with Robert Aronsson

Robert Aronsson is the CEO of Intellipool AB a company with over ten years experience of the network management market. Intellipool introduced a distributed network monitor over four years ago. I interviewed Robert with a view to getting some insight into Intellipool’s experience of implementing distributed network monitoring solutions with their customers. The interview was conducted via email. My questions are in bold with Robert’s answers underneath. Q: What key factors determine whether you need a distributed solution?

Distributed network monitoring introduction

A number of mid-level network monitoring products, like What’s Up Gold & Intellipool for instance, have recently implemented distributed monitoring features. Mid-level network monitoring products are now implementing distributed monitoring so it is affordable by a lot more companies. Single Poller Monitoring With regular network monitoring you have a single poller measuring network and server performance from a single location on your network. Architecture of a central polling in a distributed network Single poller monitoring works well when the network is small or only has a single site.

Accessing raw data in Intellipool Network Monitor

Jack Hughes
A number of you have asked for the ability to access the raw stats from your temperature monitor. So, I thought we’d better write it up for future reference. Whilst you’ve asked about outputting temperature logs, the same procedure works for anything else held by Intellipool. Click on Settings|Reports In the Customized reports section click New customized report Type in a name for the new report. For this example I’ve used the name, Raw Values Report.