Microsoft myopia

I’ve just installed Visual Studio Pro 2008 and there’s one thing bugging me.

I use the very mature and powerful open source tool called NUnit to write unit tests.

Microsoft came pretty late to the whole unit testing thing. They didn’t provide a unit testing framework until pretty recently by which time a number of high quality open source frameworks were available.

So what did they do? Did they embrace the existing frameworks in heavy use by many developers? Nope. They did their own framework and completely ignored the existing frameworks.

Microsoft: would it kill you to support the existing frameworks? I sure do not relish re-implementing my tests using your framework and I would really like to have the tests integrated into the IDE like your framework.

I don’t think this is an open source issue. Microsoft has big problems with *anything* invented outside of Microsoft. They really do need to get over the not invented here syndrome.

Author: Jack Hughes

An experienced software engineer with 20+ years experience writing products for Microsoft Windows based operating systems as well as 12+ years experience hosting websites on Linux and Windows including e-commerce and CMS systems.