Open source network management in Google 2001 vs Google 2008

Google have released a fully searchable version of their first available index from 2001 to celebrate their 10th birthday. I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast a search for “open source network management” using the 2001 index and the current index.

The first thing that springs out are all of the adverts in the 2008 version. My guestimate is that you’re going to be bidding well north of $5 per click for the top spot on there.

The second thing that pops out is the number of results: 1,330,000 versus 11,900,000 results. That’s a heck of a big growth! Getting on for ten times more pages matching the search between 2001 and 2008.

The search results themselves seem better in 2008 than way back in 2001. In the sense that the search does actually provide results to things that are open source network management tools with the inevitable wikipedia article thrown in for good measure.

Things sure are more competitive now. 😉

Author: Jack Hughes

An experienced software engineer with 20+ years experience writing products for Microsoft Windows based operating systems as well as 12+ years experience hosting websites on Linux and Windows including e-commerce and CMS systems.