OpenNMS training in Europe

Are you wanting to get into OpenNMS but are struggling to get started? OpenNMS are running a series of training courses in Europe during May.

The introductory course titled “OpenNMS – A Day in the Life” will serve as an introduction to get you started with OpenNMS.

At the end of the day, you should have a firm grasp on how to get OpenNMS installed, how to discover the network, basic and some advanced OpenNMS configuration options, as well as troubleshooting skills.

The courses are being presented by the head honchos of the OpenNMS universe, so you can be assured that the course will be content packed and authoritative.

More details are available here.

Author: Jack Hughes

An experienced software engineer with 20+ years experience writing products for Microsoft Windows based operating systems as well as 12+ years experience hosting websites on Linux and Windows including e-commerce and CMS systems.