Data, Voice, and Video Cabling book

If you are involved in installing data, voice or video cabling then you won’t be disappointed by Data, Voice, and Video Cabling by Jim Hayes and Paul Rosenberg.

Data, Voice, and Video Cabling book cover

Jim Hayes, as we’ve recommended before, also has a couple of online tutorials available. Well worth a look!

The book gives a nice overview of the various technologies involved as well as more practical chapters on wiring installation, testing and termination. The book covers both copper and fibre cabling too.

The book has a good chapter about business issues too including labour rates for communications wiring. The rates are US centric, but are interesting nevertheless.

Whilst I doubt the experienced cable installer will find anything new, the less experienced will find much of interest. The book will be most useful for none specialist IT staff and electricians called upon to install communication cabling.