Green Everything

You know how hot carbon footprints, recycling and energy efficiency are right now, well Computacenter are introducing the Green Electronics Council’s EPEAT system, that stands for the snappily titled “Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool System” a tool designed to help identify the environmental friendliness of IT equipment. Based on a system of 23 criteria (I’ve just looked at this and it’s a little mind-boggling) it is designed to help both purchasers and manufacturers move towards more environmentally preferable products. Now I think this is a great idea but I know that in our company at least we sometimes find it difficult enough to implement very basic green practices like reducing paper usage, recycling paper, cardboard etc and helping our customers to dispose conscientiously by implementing the WEEE scheme I think it will take a while for this to become mainstream practice - no excuse really we should all have been doing this a long time ago!