How Green Is Your Valley?

Women examining data center equipment

Few have made the connection between IT efficiency and green compliance” so says Steve Nunn in The Green Room, BBC’s green issues series. But I’m not so sure. I have noticed a significant increase in awareness at least in the IT press of the need to reduce power costs particularly in the Data centre environment, no doubt aided by the introduction of virtualisation which can reduce a Data centre’s energy bill by as much as 60%.

Next week’s Data centre Power and Cooling Summit to be held in London is undersigned as “Responding to the Green Challenge” with presentation topics including solutions for the green data centre, and how to use ‘greening’ to differentiate your data centre business together with tactics and strategies for energy conservation.

I know talk comes before action, before reducing power consumption and wastage, before design but when doing so satisfies both capitalist and ecologist alike – it’s a no-brainer!

A blog dedicated to greening the data centre has also been launched by a group of data centre notables.