If it works...

…it’s not AI.

Funny. 😄

Just ran across a great paper written by Eve Phillips documenting a history of artificial intelligence. Well worth a read. The title made me smile because my first job in IT, all the way back to 1989, was writing an expert system and it most certainly did not work.

The above paper reference came from Dan Weinreb’s post Why Did Symbolics Fail?

If you ever want to start a company, you can learn a lot from reading war stories like the ones herein.

Alleluia to that, brother…or even if you just want to be a better engineer.

Update August 2013: unfortunately Dan Weinreb’s blog has gone and with it the link to the article. The closest I’ve managed to find is this link on John Wiseman’s blog.

Update December 2013: now John Wiseman’s blog has gone. I think the internet is conspiring against me.