Last magazine still standing

Things must be pretty tough in the technical magazine market. My favourite magazine has died, with another on life support. Predictably, the one I don’t like much seems to be thriving.

Software Development magazine was a great read, covering topic areas not easily found outside of academia. Byte, my all time favourite, ceased being published as a print magazine back in 1998. It then morphed into an on-line magazine a while later. It was good but not in the same league as its print forebear. Recently the Byte website has become an article repository. OK, but not even a pale imitation of the print magazine. Shame.

I suppose I shall just have to move over to Dr Dobbs. I’ve never liked it much. Always comes over to me as a bit smug and self satisfied. As it is the only magazine still standing I am a bit short of options.

If you know of another programming magazine worth the paper please let me know!