My 2020 Reading Log

It has been a strange year. Reading wise it has been slightly above average with another good year for non-fiction. Not sure why non-fiction is doing so well. I just find books that cast a light into areas I don't know well absolutely compelling. If the unread books on my kindle are any guide, then I doubt this trend will be going away any time soon.

My 2020 Reading Log

This year the highlight was definitely Britain B.C. by Francis Pryor. I wouldn’t usually touch a TV show tie in with a barge pole but this one is superb. The book opened up the early story of Britain in a wonderfully evocative way. It is fair to say that the writings of Mr. Pryor have dominated my first lockdown and did much to make it rather more bearable.

Fiction wise I did well too. My highlight was The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemison.


Harold Coyle: Team Yankee



Nicholas Best: The Greatest Day in History: How, on the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, the First World War Finally Came to an End (non-fiction)


Francis Pryor: Britain BC: Life in Britain and Ireland Before the Romans (non-fiction)

Francis Pryor: The Way, the Truth and the Dead

Charles Bukowski: Post Office


N.K. Jemison: The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth, #1)

J.G. Ballard: Empire of the Sun (Empire of the Sun, #1)


Gordon Welchman: The Hut Six Story: Breaking the Enigma Codes (non-fiction)


Simon Lister: Fire in Babylon: How the West Indies Cricket Team Brought a People to its Feet (non-fiction)



Francis Pryor: Home: A Time Traveller’s Tales from Britain’s Prehistory (non-fiction)


Atishay Jain: Hugo in Action: Static sites and dynamic JAMstack apps (non-fiction)



W.P. Kinsella: Shoeless Joe