My first job

Every time I look back on my first job I realise just how odd it was.

First off my job interview was in a pub. I was met by a couple of engineers and one of their wives. It did seem a bit strange having a job interview in the middle of a pub but hey, it was my first so I just figured out that that was normal.

The pub interview wasn’t an aberration. Quite a lot of time would be spent down the pub one way or another. In fact, some days we not only had a wet lunch but also an entirely wet afternoon. Yes folks, sometimes we didn’t bother going back to work in the afternoon and just stayed down the pub.

Looking back an awful lot of people, including me, must have been driving home whilst under the influence. Well, it was the early 1990s things weren’t quite as enlightened as they are now.

In the middle of all that we did manage to get a product out the door, which the last time I knew, had shipped over 500,000 units.

What’s really strange is that I assumed that all jobs were like that. They’re not thankfully. Great fun though it was at the time, I doubt my liver would be too healthy now if it was.