New blog email subscription option

The more observant among you may have noticed some changes on this ’ere blog. The blog was a wee bit anonymous so I’ve added an About link at the top of each page. I’ve also added a link through to the products section too. Just so new visitors landing on the blog get an idea of what we’re about.

There’s also a mini About section on the main blog page too on the right hand side. Haven’t figured out how to get that on every page, but I’m working on it. Hey, I’m new to all this blog thing, so this is a work in progress. 😉

We’ve made the blog subscription feeds rather more prominent so you don’t need to go rooting around for them. We’ve also introduced an email subscription facility.

If you’re not familiar with feeds, and I must confess to being blissfully ignorant myself until quite recently, then this video is a quick introduction. Highly recommended. One thing that has changed my browsing habits for the better has been Google Reader. If you’ve got a group of sites you browse regularly, you may well save yourself a lot of time by subscribing to the site feed and then reading it inside a feed reading service like Google Reader AND it won’t cost you a penny piece either! I’ve got in the order of 80 feeds that I read. It will save you time, trust me!