Off Topic: Autumn switch

It was uncanny yesterday. I entered the office in summer and when I left to go buy an espresso mid-morning the air had changed to an early autumn chill. The nice summer smell had gone too, replaced by a fresher autumn bite.

Oh well, that’s summer 2008 gone. Not a classic by any means. And I’ve got my 50 miles sponsored cycle ride to do this Sunday too. That’ll be nice in the wind and rain that is currently being forecast. 😄 My time last year was four and a half hours so I’m hoping to beat that. A couple of weekends ago I rode from York to Beverley (about 30 miles each way) and back on consecutive days and I did ok. On the way back my left knee went so I’m hoping that won’t recur on Sunday. Fingers crossed. 😉

I’ve also managed to lose a full stone (14 pounds) over the last month or so too. 😄