Operating System Use by C# Devs

I started a C# newsletter about a month ago. Nothing fancy, just a weekly digest of news and links related to C# programming and the related libraries and tools. I sent out the fifth issue last Friday.

The website has Google Analytics (GA) installed, and one of the things that GA gives you is a breakdown of which operating systems your visitors are using. Now, it is early days, the website has only had 174 visitors in the last 31 days (1 - 31 March) so I don’t want to draw too many conclusions from such a small sample. But, I am a little surprised by the operating systems in use by the visitors.

[table id=2 /]

You’d kinda expect C# developers to be at the vanguard of Microsoft Windows usage. Certainly, if you go back a few years, you would expect Windows usage to be in the mid nineties percent. If usage levels shown in the above table are accurate, then that certainly isn’t the case any more.

Perhaps the fact that even C# devs are disappearing over to the likes of OS X and Linux is the reason that C# and .NET as a whole are being open sourced and ported to new operating systems. If C# devs are moving over to other operating systems for web browsing, then it may not be long until they start developing over there too.