PayPal and Google Checkout use in UK businesses

Google Checkout Logo

It’s technical planning week this week, so I need to know about payment options you’d like to see.

Most of you have no doubt heard of PayPal and the new kid on the payment block, Google Checkout. The general idea with both is to help secure your credit card information by restricting who has access to your credit card information. You can pay for things online without the merchant knowing anything about your credit card.

As it happens, we don’t see your online credit card details anyway. But, there is no doubt that both PayPal and Google Checkout provide both a quick and secure online payment solution.

The main issue is: do you use either PayPal or Google Checkout to pay for things at work? Most of our customers are businesses and I haven’t seen much evidence that either PayPal or Google Checkout are high on UK company agendas.

One good metric for this kind of thing is: has anybody asked us for it? No, not yet. A couple of years ago we didn’t offer American Express but we kept getting asked for it. We do offer it now!

So here’s your chance: if you pay for company purchases with either PayPal or Google Checkout please leave a comment.