Scam of the week

Last week we had to fend off a scam attempt. The scam worked like this:

  1. Order a product from a company and arrange to pay by bank transfer;
  2. Manually pay a counterfeit cheque into the company account. The cheque has no chance of clearing. Rather cleverly, the amount of the payment was 10x higher than the amount due. So it looks like a simple transcription error;
  3. Ask for a refund for the difference to be sent by bank transfer to another account;
  4. Profit!
  5. Disappear without trace.
The only thing that saved us from falling for the scam was the fact that we know that cheques show up in our account before the money is actually cleared. So, the money is sort of in your account but you can't spend it.

Be careful out there folks, there are some odd sorts out there.

Update 2015/07/13: The scammer sent us an email over the weekend asking where his money is 😄