Social animals

I volunteered for a rabbit sanctuary a few weeks ago. I stumbled onto Cample Nibble’s website and saw the advert for volunteers to help with packing groceries in a supermarket.

Looking back on it, my abiding memory is the social difficulty a lot of people had when dealing with a charity bag packer.

Is it really so difficult just to say no?

I packed groceries for a couple of hours and I noticed that each person’s decision whether to accept or decline assistance was often dictated by the decision of the person before them.

You’d get a queue of people at the checkout and if the first person agreed, then the rest of the queue would agree. Same with an initial decline.

So you’d get very busy periods and very quiet periods all dictated by a single person agreeing or declining.

P.S. If you want to donate to this very worthy charity, please visit their donation page here.