WinPCap packet sniffer for commercial development

WinPCap is a great Windows based, open source driver for packet sniffing wire-based networks using a bog standard network interface card. WinPCap is licensed under the General Public License (GPL).

From a commercial software developers perspective, the GPL can be quite intimidating. Consequently, a lot of commercial developers won’t touch GPL’ed code with a very long barge pole.

Fortunately, the developers of WinPCap have come up with a commercial developer friendly version of WinPCap, WinPCap Professional. Of course, you’ve got to pay, but as a commercial developer, you’re used to that! 😉

With WinPCap Professional you get an excellent packet sniffing library without the scary license and you get to support WinPCap open source development too. Everybody’s a winner!

Affordable wireless packet capture solution

Airpcap capture

Tools like the Test-Um Wi-Net are great for trouble shooting wireless networks. But, Wi-Net falls a long way short of giving you real technical insight into your wireless network. What do you do if you need more? Say, you need to capture packets and the like.

One solution is to use the WireShark + AirPcap combination.

WireShark I’m sure most of you have heard of. Formerly known as Ethereal, it is a very capable open source packet capture tool for a variety of platforms including Microsoft Windows. And the best bit? It’s free!

AirPcap is a family of wireless interface cards and associated drivers, ideal for use with WireShark, to capture packets on wireless networks all the way up to 802.11n. The cards cost from $198 each.