Drupal 6 book recommendations

As we’ve just delivered a big lump of functionality onto our website using Drupal, in fact everything is now managed through Drupal except this blog, I thought that you might appreciate a heads up on the books we used during the development process. Getting hold of the right books early in your project will make things a lot easier. Whenever I’m taking on a new programming language or some other technology it always seems to take three books to really get a good handle on it.

Choosing a content management system redux

I blogged about choosing a content management system and we’ve finally managed to deploy the resulting system. It would be fair to say that choosing a content management system is a nightmare. And, anybody else’s experience probably won’t help you very much unless you share the same set of requirements. Our requirement was largely shaped by the e-commerce system we run on our main website. It is a big blob of a Java system running under JBoss all front ended by Apache.