Firefox RSS subscription bug

Jack Hughes
I’ve recently noticed a bug in Firefox 3. If you subscribe to a lot of blogs you’ve probably noticed the RSS symbol on the right hand side inside your Firefox address bar. The RSS signup button in the address bar The feature is very useful because, when you go to a blog or a news page, you can quickly and easily subscribe via your feed reader. There is a bug in the Firefox 3 implementation at present when more than one feed is available.

Mahalo Firefox integration broken

Jack Hughes
Hey Mahalo, your Firefox integrated search is broken. Look at the images…Add Mahalo to Firefox integrated search & The Firefox error message The error message is a bit misleading, because you can manually download the file opensearch_desc.xml. The fact that the file is present suggests: The Mahalo open search file is incorrect; Firefox has a poor error message for when an OpenSearch file is incorrect. Instead of saying that the file is incorrect, it says that it is unable to download it.