Voice alerts with Intellipool or pretty well anything

Thanks to Robert @ Intellipool for alerting me to this one. Intellipool, as many of you may already know, is an excellent web based network monitor. One of the problems it has had, and its competitors for that matter, is the difficulty of informing off site duty IT personnel when things really go wrong. Many people rely on email for alerting purposes. And that works fine whilst people are on site because email server or network failure will be noticed pretty fast or your SMS alerting will work okay.

Mini interview: Robert Aronsson

Brendan over at Sentinel has a good post with some background information about Robert Aronsson, the co-founder of Intellipool, the maker of a rather good network monitor. Darn, I was going to do that, but as you got there first Brendan, I may as well point to yours. 😄

Intellipool Network Monitor and Windows Vista

Richard Aronsson from Intellipool has a post over on his blog concerning using Intellipool to monitor Vista based machines. Unlike on versions of Windows prior to Vista, the remote registry service is set to manual start-up on Vista. I guess that has been a casualty of the new security sensitivity over at Microsoft. In the past, everything was started by default, and you had to go and switch it off if you didn’t need it.