"New wave" network management licences

Michael Tiemann made an interesting post titled Will the Real Open Source CRM Please Stand Up. Alex Fletcher wrote an interesting follow up. That got me thinking…how kosher are the licences used by the “new wave” open source network management companies? Have Hyperic, Groundwork and Zenoss really got the open source bug, or do they want the open source kudos without really opening up? I did a bit of digging around, and I am pleased to say that, at least to my non-legal eye, the licences do look the real deal.

"New wave" Windows support

One of the odd things about the three new wave players is that, of the three, only one Hyperic supports Windows natively. The lack of native Windows support in the other two Zenoss/Groundwork seems like quite an oversight. It will be interesting to see whether the lack of native Windows support hinders their adoption. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t. Zenoss have produced a nice virtual machine for VMWare. Kudos to them for that.