Wireshark training opportunities

Wireshark in action

Protocol analysers are difficult tools to master. Though, once mastered you’ll see the pay-off in increased productivity for the rest of your career. Many technologies come and go, but the fundamentals of how networks work changes slowly.

You can slug it out with books but structured learning will help speed things along.

If self paced learning suits you best, a series of four self study courses are available:

  • Wireshark Functionality and Fundamentals
  • TCP/IP Network Analysis
  • Troubleshooting Network Performance
  • Wireshark Network Forensics and Security

If you prefer face to face, instructor led learning, that’s available too from the Wireshark Bootcamp. Courses are scheduled worldwide including the London, Munich, Netherlands & Sweden. Courses are scheduled for October so get your skates on! 🙂

Author: Jack Hughes

An experienced software engineer with 20+ years experience writing products for Microsoft Windows based operating systems as well as 12+ years experience hosting websites on Linux and Windows including e-commerce and CMS systems.