Hugo is a static site generator written in Go and is well known mainly for its compilation speed and ease of use.

The Tech Teapot is built using Hugo.

Manual vs automated process

You have a one off task you need to do. There's an automated process you can build to achieve the end result or you could do the process manually. How do you decide which route to go down?

Handy scripts for testing your Hugo website

Whilst developing this website and porting it over to Hugo, I have written a few handy scripts to help me test the site for errors. I am going to present the scripts with a little explanation about what each script achieves so maybe you can use them too.

Hugo in Action book review

Hugo in Action book review

A short review of the Hugo in Action book published by Manning Publications.

A new dawn for The Tech Teapot

Some big changes to The Tech Teapot blog including porting it over to use the Hugo static site generator Hugo.