Network Management

Network management is the art and science of managing an enterprise network.

Network Mapping Introduction

Beyond a certain size networks become difficult to visualize without graphical aids. There are a number of tools to aid in the production of network maps. This article provides reasons why you should be interested in network mapping, as well as an overview of the available tools.

Network management's new wave six years on

How time flies. It has been six years since I wrote about Network management’s “new wave” and thought it would be interesting to go back and see what has happened. We are now at the outer envelope of the VC funding cycle so things should be sorting themselves out one way or another. The new wave was Hyperic, Zenoss and Groundwork Open Source VC funded, open source network management companies.

Why Monitoring Sucks

Found an interesting old post by John E. Vincent, Why Monitoring Sucks tweeted by MonkChips. What is interesting is what John did next. He created a GitHub account so that he could collaborate with people to rectify the problem. The most interesting part (to me anyway) is the tools-repos repository in which all of the different monitoring tools are listed. Enjoy! 😄 PS: as a counter point, read this post entitled #monitoringlove - a true story by Ulf MÃ¥nsson.

Ipswitch acquires Dorian Software Creations Inc

Ipswitch, the people responsible for creating What’s Up Gold, have acquired Dorian Software Creations. Dorian Software are publishers of event log management software. Dorian’s event log management solutions for Windows and Syslog environments include: Event Archiver for automated collection, centralization and secure storage of log data; Event Analyst for event examination, correlation and comprehensive reporting for audit and compliance; Event Alarm for monitoring, alerting and notification on key defined events; Event Rover for on-the-fly forensics and log data mining.

Open source network management buzz comparison 2009

I did a comparison of the buzz for the leading open source network management tools in 2008 so I thought it would be interesting to do the same comparison for 2009 and see what’s changed. As I did last year, I’ve compared the number of searches for the project name using Google Trends. As always, this post is not intended to be indicative of the usefulness of a particular tool to your requirements.