OpenNMS training in Europe

Are you wanting to get into OpenNMS but are struggling to get started? OpenNMS are running a series of training courses in Europe during May. The introductory course titled “OpenNMS - A Day in the Life” will serve as an introduction to get you started with OpenNMS. At the end of the day, you should have a firm grasp on how to get OpenNMS installed, how to discover the network, basic and some advanced OpenNMS configuration options, as well as troubleshooting skills.

Open source network management comparison 2007

Mark Hinkle from Zenoss sent me a link to an interesting document he prepared yesterday. I think Mark may be over egging Zenoss clear market leadership but without any doubt their growth over the last year has been impressive. Perhaps the most impressive thing to take away is that all of the projects featured have grown over the last year.

OpenNMS for Windows now available

As promised in the OpenNMS coming soon to Windows post, OpenNMS 1.3.8 has now been released with Windows support & an installer. Tarus Balog announced the release and the developer too. You can download the release from the OpenNMS site.

Open source network management download comparison

One of the great things about sourceforge, apart from the cool services they provide free to open source projects, is that they provide statistics about the projects they host. One of the stats that sourceforge provides is a history of project downloads. You can’t compare the stats though. So I thought it would be interesting to compare the downloads for the major open source network management projects. The volume of downloads is indicative, like search trends, of the relative mind share for each project.

OpenNMS coming soon to Windows

OpenNMS is one of the original enterprise grade open source network management tools. For the Windows based admin, it has had one huge problem: it only runs on Unix based systems. Not any more! After a week of prototyping, the development team now has a prototype running on Windows. Expect to see a full release on Windows in the near future. Just goes to show, if you choose your development tools carefully you get a whole load of stuff (nearly) for free.