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Handy scripts for testing your Hugo website

Whilst developing this website and porting it over to Hugo, I have written a few handy scripts to help me test the site for errors. I am going to present the scripts with a little explanation about what each script achieves so maybe you can use them too.

Npcap picks up where WinPcap left off

WinPcap is the major open source packet sniffing library for Microsoft Windows. Unfortunately it is no longer under active maintenance and hasn't been for quite some time. But, fear not, Npcap have picked up the baton.

Hugo in Action book review

Hugo in Action book review

A short review of the Hugo in Action book published by Manning Publications.

A new dawn for The Tech Teapot

Some big changes to The Tech Teapot blog including porting it over to use the Hugo static site generator Hugo.

A reminder of the power of the internet, again

A reminder of just how powerful the internet has become. Everything is being revolutionised by connecting all sort of things to the internet including astronomical telescopes.

My 2019 Reading Log

I think I can say that 2019 was my best year for books in a very long time. Maybe my best ever. I certainly went to town on non-fiction this year.

My 2018 Reading Log

Just eight books in 2018. A new low I think. The best book of the year would be between Larry Niven's Ringworld, Greg Bear's Hull Zero Three and Andrzej Sapkowski's The Last Wish.

My 2017 Reading Log

A very bad year for reading over the last year. I suspect that the Playstation 4 got in the way again. No great shame in that. Games can be excellent story telling mechanisms. Just 9 books read in total.

My 2016 Reading Log

I read a total of 13 books in 2016. Maybe slightly higher than average but not by much.

My 2015 Reading Log

I've not managed to read as many books this year. Mostly due to the competition from playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for the first four months of the year.